What is the Interstellar Donut Lounge?

The Interstellar Donut Lounge is a narrative-based NFT universe and club membership rolled into one. NFTs in the series grant different roles and utility to holders in the space, which will be expanded in narrative episodes.

Who created the art?

The Masks, Golden Donut and "The Cure" are all from drknss by sascha salender. You can find the rest of his art here.  The Astro-Donut was made by Ashby Projects and Jennifer Urbano.  SADBOI.EXE is a derivative of Beacon Bloom's art "Low Radiation".

What's all this about a Rocket?

In Episode 1 the IDL community will paint the Sadboi Rocket, and watch it being launched on livestream - displaying their submitted art. NFTs are the ticket on the Rocket which is the only way to reach the Lounge. Parcels to paint the Rocket are bundled as part of higher tier NFTs and can be earned through community participation and giveaways.

What happens after the Rocket Launch?

The group will then be able to enter the Interstellar Donut Lounge.

How do I get a seat on the rocket and a keycard to the Lounge?

Holding any NFT from the official drop will grant you access to the IDL.

Where can I buy an IDL NFT?

Charged Particles are NFTs which you can nest other NFTs or interest bearing assets inside, Russian Doll style. Learn more here

What is a Nested NFT / Charged Particle?

Charged Particles are NFTs which you can nest other NFTs or interest bearing assets inside, Russian Doll style.  Learn more here

I'm a fan of BAM - how is IDL related?

The Interstellar Donut Lounge is a collaborative project between Bars and Melody, Ashby Projects, Sascha Salendar, Charged Particles and Beacon Bloom. The boys will have their own part to play in the unfolding narrative.

Is rarity build into the Interstellar Donut Lounge?

Yes, in all tiers above the Astro-Donut, rarity comes into play. All NFTs will have influence over the coming generative drop.

What utility comes with IDL NFTS?

All IDL NFTs come with at least 1 Mint Pass. Higher tiers come with Roles and other special attributes which will come into play in the IDL narrative in the discord. Check the NFT page if you'd like to go deeper.

Is this a generative drop? What's this about mint passes?

This isn't a generative drop but we have one planned (with 60% sold). Every NFT in Episode 1 comes with at least 1 mint pass which will allow free minting (except gas fees) in the planned drop. Different tiers have different amounts of mint passes, check the metadata of the NFTs for more information.

You're planting trees? How?

Yes - we are working with Grandmother Grove to contribute to regenerative forestry. Every IDL NFT plants at least 1 tree.  See more information at

I don't know anything about cryptocurrency and NFTS - how can I learn and get on board?

Check out these introductory videos here.

What's the premise of the IDL?

Five alien spacecraft and a number of artefacts - masks - appeared through a portal above Earth before it disappeared. Sadboi Corp - a notorious monolithic company owned by two rappers - owns the only habitable structure in orbit other than the International Space Station - a huge Donut Diner called The Sadboi Donut Lounge. Coincidentally, the crafts and masks appeared right next to the Lounge, making it the perfect base to launch an investigation.

While debates raged back on Earth on how to deal with the situation, Sadboi Corp quietly collected the masks and have since listed them for sale, along with a public expedition to explore the ships. It is somewhat of a mystery why Sadboi are doing this, although there are rumours that only a group of people holding a mask may enter an alien ship, which is undoubtedly dangerous

The expedition will begin with a Rocket trip to the Lounge where the explorers will assemble.